Fantastic TV's Coverage
Fantastic TV's home coverage has been the subject of significant misunderstanding. Many blame it on the transmission medium used by FTV (i.e. land line vs over-the-air "OTA"). That is completely inaccurate. In fact, the choice of land line has enabled Fantastic TV to achieve home coverage much more quickly than OTA.

As we have said repeatedly before, three steps are needed to watch any free TV channel on your TV set, whether the channel is delivered via land line or OTA. They are:
1. First, deliver signal to buildings.
2. Then, buildings to feed signal into Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution (CABD) to reach residents.
3. Finally, residents to tune TV sets to accept the channel.

1. Deliver signal to buildings
1.1 Fantastic TV has been delivering signal for 95% home coverage since last year. Communications Authority agrees with that & has already released FTV from the relevant performance bond obligation.
1.2 By comparison, DTT started in 2008 with 50% coverage and did not reach 95% until three years later.
1.3 Another example is RTHK, officially launched in 2014 and its coverage three years later is still below 95%.

2. Buildings to feed signal (or interconnect) into CABD
2.1 You may recall this also took some time with DTT and RTHK.
2.2 Fantastic TV has been working with building management offices (BMOs) for a long time. BMOs work for residents and have to follow established procedures.
2.3 Fantastic TV's uncertain future over the past few months may have caused hesitation & delay. We hope everything will get back to normal now.
2.4 Half of Housing Authority homes have already been completed; the remainder will be completed in 4-6 weeks.
2.5 Housing Society homes are also making excellent progress.
2.6 To Fantastic TV's advantage, 70% of the homes in the covered buildings are connected to the CABLE TV network and have been receiving Fantastic TV signal for many months. The remaining 30% are connected to the CABD and Fantastic TV will provide its full facilitation to BMOs to interconnect.
2.7 If you are in doubt whether your building is within Fantastic TV's coverage, please check on Fantastic TV's website or contact Fantastic TV.

3. TV set tuning
3.1 This depends completely on each household.
3.2 The vast majority of TV sets have auto tuning capability. It will take a few minutes but is otherwise quite straightforward.
3.3 Many sets are still missing RTHK. It means those sets have not been tuned for some time.

For the case of Viu TV, it was a prompt substitution for ATV and hence inherited ATV's place which was a unique situation.

As for the web and apps access for Fantastic TV which was delayed by the earlier uncertainty, we hope to make them available soon.